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Tuesday, January 16, 2024


January 15th: This morning when we were all up and alert, we enthusiastically went in search of the local ghost town :-)

Our boy Bleu is getting to be a big boy …
He's getting stealthier at locking his kennel. The other day he was so tired, and went to his kennel to lay down - only to realize that he had locked himself out: he can lock it … but he needs help to unlock it ;-)

I watched Bleu's antics for a while while drinking my coffee … and Holland checked the Bank Balance before we left home - and was happy to tell me that Del Pueblo RV Resort had been forced to return the overcharge we disputed; and sicced our Banking Accountant on:


But we will never go back there, again: it wasn't so much the over charge as much as it was the illegal tapping of our bank account - we never gave them that information; the only way they could have accessed it was through an illegal tap. So, they've permanently been denied any access - legal, or otherwise: and we'll never go back.

For our adventure today, I drove the first leg of our journey - then Holland drove the sketchy parts; and back home again.

Today's Plan; locating the Swansea Mining Ghost Town: (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g31301-d7645184-Reviews-Swansea_Ghost_Town-Parker_Arizona.html, https://www.blm.gov/visit/swansea-historic-ghost-town-0, & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swansea,_Arizona)
Trying to track down the right road …

GPS said it would be a 1-1/2 hour drive up Plomosa Road-AZ.

We drove forward, and enjoyed the freedom and unique beauty of the AZ desert.

Two semi-trucks passed us in the opposite lane along the route, and Holland said there must be a town somewhere up ahead, and that this BLM Land must be a truck route, also. I said that I didn't read anything online about any town between Point A and Point B.

Camp Bouse BLM Land - between Quartzsite-AZ & Parker-AZ
Up in the mountains that show in the background of Quartzsite BLM Land areas.
Elohim & Holland are SO GOOD to me ;-)
These streaked peaks caught Holland's attention; and interest.
Halfway to our goal, we spotted a town of sorts on the horizon …
Still traveling through BLM Land; Plomosa Road-AZ
A white stone marker up ahead - could be what we're looking for?
Bouse-AZ; NOT the Ghost Town we are searching for.
Bouse-AZ, (/ˈbaʊs/ BOWSS rhymes with "house"):

It turned out that Holland was right in thinking there was a regular desert town between Point A and Point B ;-)

The drive through modern Bouse is a short hop-skip-and a jump; eventually we came to a junction featuring a through-way highway (left & right) that would take us to Parker if we turned left; and a gravel road straight ahead, that GPS was telling us would lead us to our goal: we drove straight ahead - over train rails.

And saw a small building labeled, "Museum"; so, we stopped for a look-see ;-)

We didn't get out of the truck though because we didn't want to waste any time getting to the actual tourist-advertised ghost town. We snapped off a few pictures, and moved forward.

Bouse Museum, and alongside the building, are relics of mining days in Bouse-AZ 
Tanks are everywhere in Bouse … small, or tall.
The Museum also serves duty as Bouse Assay Office.

Holland took over driving once we got to the 'Primitive Road' sign - I would have continued driving, but I knew Holland would be more comfortable taking the lead on unfamiliar roads.

Okay, we are getting somewhere: off Plomosa Road, and into the desert.

Reviews I had read about this place were supposed to be helpful: they weren't :-(

Off the beaten track, and hopefully towards our adventurous goal.
We are definitely in a flood zone. Hopefully we are on the right trail.
Holland spotted this donkey trail - I hope we spot some wild donkeys ;-)
Fresh 'sign'; they are in the area - but we never saw them. We even pulled out the binoculars we had purchased in Wyoming; but they were hidden.
This is supposed to be another indication that we are getting closer to our goal …

We lost the GPS signal shortly after the first porta potty sighting; so we were 'winging it' by recalling what I had researched online, and what I could recall from Trip Advisor Reviews concerning the Swansea Ghost Town.

The 'wash' area was becoming deeper. I impishly shared our warm-weather-adventure with some cold WA State Friends ;-)
The 'wash' depth was parallel to my eyes … about 6-1/2 feet deep.
Cell service ended …

There were no road signs of any sort to guide us along, at any point since we left paved roadway (other than Flash Flood warning signs) - one would think that since tourism was Bouse's main source of income, they would have guiding road signs to point people along the search for their mining ghost town, they take such pride in.

We crossed a deep & wide patch of irrigation water.
A saguaro cactus, apparently feeling out of sorts. LOL.
Saguaro Cactus
This cloud reminded me of the ancient sea creatures called trilobites.
Trilobite Fossils:
Red pumice rock pushed upward out of the earth.
More Porta Potties, 3 in a row … hopefully we are almost there.
We made 'Midway'! Swansea is near ;-)
Area Information Plaques.

Forging ahead on our quest, we drove Betsy over some pretty deep ruts that had apparently been set when the road was wet following the recent rainstorm, and began to climb in elevation.

Hope is beginning to fade …

As the rocks in the roadway got larger, and deeper, we called it a Day, and turned around.

Climbing upward on a steep, deep, rocky incline.

The rock was so loose that Betsy's tires sunk deep, and the rocky depth was nearing the spoiler bumper: we didn't want to risk tearing that off … or damaging the underside of our 4x, so we carefully turned around and headed back down to stabler ground. Betsy is our only mode of transportation, and we need her in tip-top shape to haul Independence around from place to place. It was a disappointing end to our adventure, but there was no other choice.

We have a 4x vehicle, but as the incline got steeper - and the rock got deeper … we were worrying about the possibility of high-centering and getting dug in; no road traffic, and no civilization in sight for miles if we found ourselves in wilderness trouble.

It was a mutually prudent decision to turn back.

We called it 'a Day' here; the rock was just too deep to push on any further.
Bouse needs to get their act together, to collect tourist $$$
It was a long, dusty drive - enjoyable, but also disappointing.

We had been driving around for 51 miles in the desert (after about 10 miles on paved road, before driving on gravel/dirt road): and deciding to give the adventure one more try to reveal itself to us, Holland turned left, and flagged a guy on a caterpillar down: and the local didn't know what we were talking about … despite it being all over the internet.

It was time to go back to Quartzsite.

Holland decided to give the search one more try …
Took a left at the East Cactus Wilderness Sign.
No one seems to know where the illusive ghost town is located; Bleu was as curious as we were.
We got 'the hell' outta there ;-)
The ONLY thing we have not seen out here, is the illusive ghost town.
Holland's BD Gift this year will be the CB he's been wanting ;-)
Wash board roads … are a chubby gal's friend ;-)
1960's Vibrating Belt Exercise Machine
We enjoyed ourselves & had a good day of companionship.

It's a ghost town alright … even local people don't know where it is: it shows up on the internet now and then to draw in tourists - but other than that, it gaslights people ;-)

Driving back through the modern town, we took our time to check it out: there were a lot of historical relics to see … maybe all the ghost town stuff had been shifted to here ;-)

Back in the modern Bouse town, we let Bleu out … and saw a mine shaft; not what we were seeking - this is modern, and on private property.
Off to the side of the thoroughfare, was a collection of Bouse relics from it's Past.
Rail Car.
Replica of the original jail house.
Replica of a Railway Water Tower.
Weight Scales.
Replica of the Bouse Train Depot.
Bouse Rail Crossing …
Replica of Steam Engine.
Miscellaneous rail work things.
Steam Engine stuff; the blower looks like an ancient Ammonite fossil shell ;-)
(https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-12754472 & https://www.bgs.ac.uk/discovering-geology/fossils-and-geological-time/ammonites/#:~:text=Ammonites%20were%20marine%20animals%20belonging,small%20and%20internal%2C%20or%20absent.)
Tire levers are designed specifically for removing and installing tires without damage.
A coal bin & drill rods, leaning against it.
Mining drag line bucket.
Machine to sort precious metals from sandy soils.
Early Era Caterpillar Tractor.
Some sort of road machinery …
Road Grader Tractor.
Directly across the road from the relics … Camp Bouse MiIlitary Tanks.
Camp Bouse
Camo Tank.
M60 Patton Tank Plaque.
Patton 3 hr. Movie
Early era army flat-bed truck w-tailor.
Patton's Establishment of Camp Bouse Plaque
WWII Honorary Plaques.
We crossed the street to grab some munchies in the little store there, and this sign made me happy to spend $$ in this little town that takes pride in the American Spirit - and boldly supports our faithful ally ;-)
We backtracked home over the mountain pass; it would have been easier on his body to turn right and drive home through Parker, on a paved highway - but Holland chose to spread his love over me, instead. I am so blessed :-)
Rock formations appear like 'eyes in the sky'; the eyes actually look kinda angry. LOL
'The Redmills went over the mountain' to see what was on the other side ;-)
'The Bear Went Over The Mountain' song

We had spent 4 hours on the road, and it was enjoyable.

We had a lot of fun :-)

Betsy parked, and all of us back inside Independence relaxing; Bleu enjoyed some beefy dog chow … and Holland and I enjoyed a big, tasty salad, with juicy slices of garlic bread on the side.

After Supper; Bleu slept, Holland researched some stuff online - and I tuned into the Iowa Caucus results while working on some flip-flops to wear when the weather gets warmer.

Both Holland and I were excited to see that President Trump had seriously taken the lead :-)

Worked on some thong posts while watching the Iowa Caucus Presidential Election kickoff.
30 minutes in … and The People's Choice was VOTED IN: there was no dumped ballots, no counting behind closed curtains, no basement zoom meets where a greedy wife speaks for her ailing, addle-minded/stuttering husband. The People VOTED for what THEY WANT.

President Trump reminds me a little of General Patton, and isn't it ironic that the nazis of WWII feared and hated Patton … and the nazis in DC intent on inciting WWIII in America - and across the globe - fear and hate Trump, like no one else in modern History; and no matter how they try to destroy him, their schemes meet with utter failure

With their votes, The People spoke loud and clear tonight.

The People are sick and tired of being bullied by the obamanite-demonrats: they are not going to be told what to do, how to think, who to get behind, politically.

The People are fed up with an American Congress that is 95% seated with obamanite-demonrat Anti-Americans, pushing obamanite Anti-American agenda's.

The People are sick of watching a doddering, senile old man destroy our Country; our economy; our sovereign borders; our children's future with warped social studies, and twisted ideologies; our Nation's Judea-Christian foundation; our military; our freedoms, with scientific twaddle; and relentlessly going after a man they hate with a rabid ferocity … in general, across the board … The People are tired of the wicked DC nonsense.

In Iowa today, there was no gaslighting happening.

Today was a good Day, from start to finish :-)


  1. All in all, it looks like an interesting trip!

    1. Yes, it was :-)

      Thanks for stopping by with a quick "Hi" - have a funtastic week!

  2. Trump is my guy too. Wow, I'll say that was a gaslighting wild goose chase for sure. I'm sure you guys were nervous about the rocks and incline. You got some great pics though.
    Thanks bunches for taking me with you and sharing your adventure with Sweet Tea & Friends this month sweet friend.

    1. :-)

      Have a funtastic week, Paula - always glad to share with you ;-)